The universe is working in big and powerful ways just for you

Dating back as far as I can remember, I have had this immense desire to help people-literally anyone. A craving to experience a rich and profound love and to create that for others. Whether it be lending a helping hand with a simple task to standing up for those that could not stand up for themselves. I always had a deep desire to reach people in those spaces that seemed as though they could not be a reached- and when the moment hit where I was able to reach someone and they were able to reach me, identification was born. And identification leads to healing-which means we are never truly alone, my friends..We are CONNECTED. We are all on our own, unique, powerful missions to live out this life as we dream, and most of all, to heal those wounds that have taken form along our journeys that seem to be blocking that opportunity. One of the greatest offerings life has given me has been the opportunity to learn to heal my wounds so I could provide a safe, secure, warm, and loving space for my clients to heal. Working in the mental health and addiction industry as a counselor and life coach for many years, the universe offered the opportunity to slow down and take my healing to a deeper level. I found Breathwork during, what seemed as though, a painful and trying time in my life. I was exploring alternative ways to heal and ended up finding my biggest healer. As I started to explore this practice, I noticed accelerated healing taking form within. Stuck energy started to move, old wounds began to heal, my physical body started to heal and was ecstatic over this endless amount of oxygen, connecting to others seemed exponentially easier, a sense of ease and comfort graced me, the mind slowed down- the gifts with this practice have been infinite. The fruits of this practice have inspired me to share this gift with everyone I come into contact with. My mission is to educate, support, motivate, guide, create safety, and lead you to a more grounded, internally rich, and inspired life!



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949 554 3905

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