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The story of Golden Prana Breakthwork

Iʼm originally from Richmond, Virginia and lived in California for the last 10 years where I went to school to obtain a counseling credential working with those suffering from mental health and addiction, and became a certified personal development/life coach. I have come to believe one of my biggest missions in this lifetime is to bring about healing- for myself and for others. Feeling connected is one thing I truly believe all people want to experience- connected to themselves, others, and to their own meaning of life. In 2016, I found out I was very sick and wanted to take an alternative approach to healing. Going through this time in my life, although I felt a deep sense of pain and confusion, I knew I had to take responsibility and accountability for my healing. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is the gift of healing and self-care. I reached out to a friend (thank you forever, Eric Duffner) that I knew was teaching Breathwork and had a personalized, private, experience with him. I had no idea what I was about to experience- it was the beginning of a complete transformation. I felt energy moving within me I had never experienced in my life. I felt layers and layers of tension and stress melt away. Tears fell from my eyes. I left his space that night in quiet reflection, in deep gratitude, and knew I was on my way back to who I was again. The spiritual home sick feeling within started to drift away. From that point on, I knew that this powerful gift was going to accelerate my healing. My mind, body, and spirit felt completely rejuvenated and I saw huge benefits to practicing Breathwork on a daily basis thereafter. At the end of 2017, I was approached by the gentleman that I had my first Breathwork experience with and he asked me to come on board with his company (Breathworks Connection) to be a Breathwork guide and facilitator. I was offered the opportunity to get trained and certified in Breathwork through David Elliott, teacher and healer. I had the opportunity to conduct multiple Breathwork circles in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Palm Springs on a weekly basis along with individual sessions, corporate wellness staff trainings, and private events. I had the opportunity to hold space for many people on their path to healing and witness transformation right in front of me. At the end of 2018, I had a calling to come back to my roots and Richmond VA, to share this beautiful gift. It is my greatest honor to hold a safe, secure, and sacred space for people to quiet the mind, heal the heart, and tap in to the spirit. From this vision, Golden Prana Breathwork was born. Golden- coming from the state of California where I came back to life, and Prana- what gives us the gift of life! 

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