It all starts at the top. And from there, your clients will also receive the benefits of your own personal wellness and healing. If you are tending to your own personal needs, managing your stress levels, and working on improving your relationships with others, chances are that from this, your business will THRIVE. Bringing wellness into your community will not only facilitate in the activation of creativity and productivity, but will also support in each of your employees overall physical well beings, reducing stress, which in turn reduces risk of physical troubles. In this particular workshop, your staff will have the opportunity to express on a group level their assets, what they offer the company, what areas are challenging them, and how to improve on these areas. If an employee has been stuck in a certain area that is holding them back, chances are this has transferred into his/her work environment- which ultimately, could potentially hold the company back. Awareness instead of shame is how we can get into action. This is a safe, productive, secure, space for employees to have the opportunity to decompress, to come back to a clear-minded state, to promote the ultimate productivity for themselves, and your company. It is one of the greatest gifts you could give your team. Customized exercises and intention setting for the company (and individually) will take place prior to the active breathing portion of the group. Guiding you throughout the experience, your team will have the opportunity to adopt affirming and empowering statements to say out loud as a team to create motivation, a sense of belonging, and a sense of TEAM. After the intensive breathing portion, your employees will transition into a deep state of meditation, where they reap the benefits of hard work. I will always leave time after the group for questions, for concerns, or if anyone would like to share on their experience. An ideal time for your community to have this experience would be towards the end of a work day or a day that is not as intensive, being work related.

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