This 90 minute personalized experience begins with you setting an intention- an aim, a plan, a goal- something that is personal to you, something you deeply want to connect to, something you want to let go of that is no longer serving you, or a space within that needs healing. This is followed by the 2 part breath technique all done through the mouth (an intensive form of Pranayama). You will have my guidance throughout the entire experience, creating a safe, secure, and encouraging space to assist and support in your healing. Various exercises throughout your breathing experience may come into play to help guide you to a deeper space in your healing or helping shake off any of the nerves that may still be keeping you in the brain. The brain will do anything to keep control and this breath pattern gives the brain permission to rest and transition into the body. The last portion of the breathwork is a shift into regular breathing, being rewarded with a rich, clear-headed, vibrant, meditation. I will always encourage my clients to leave this space mindful of feelings, emotions, and thoughts that could surface and could potentially feel overwhelming or that could create a feeling of “raw.” FEELING YOUR FEELINGS IS OK. It means we are awake to life.

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