• Alison Hord

A Fresh Pair Of Lenses-Take The Scenic Route

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Perception….Life is all about how we CHOOSE to perceive the universe. If we fall victim to the unfortunate, painful, events of our lives, we view life through the lenses of a victim. We then proceed to live life cordially inviting situations and dreadful events which only encourage this self-limiting title, “VICTIM”  (The word victim often times becomes a self-limiting belief).

Every person that has roamed planet earth has fallen victim to one circumstance or another. What we don’t always realize is that we can replace the word “victim” with survivor, warrior, heroic brave one, etc. Or, we could dare say, “I now take responsibility or take ownership over this situation and release blame (this is a daily practice).” Blame keeps us separated from the truth and any form of inner growth. There is a false sense of power associated with the word victim. From my own personal experience, living my life through victim lenses has kept me stuck, kept my vision blurry, kept me unable in all aspects, kept me dependent, kept me safe behind fears biggest cape, and kept me from having a deeper relationship with myself- I never realized I was supposed to be my biggest supporter...I kept waiting on the world to do that for me. I am here to encourage each and every one of you to choose your mindset for the day. Defog your Third Eye lens and adjust your FOCUS. Find a space to ground down- allow yourself to decide what thoughts propel growth and which ones stunt your personal development: Determined, Dedicated, Committed, Experiencing, Shadow Self Work, Mirroring, Relating, Sacrificing, Learning, Devoting- these are ways we can shift the perception from life's events from “bad” to productive and constructive thinking. I was once told that pain is the touchstone of spiritual and emotional development. It ended up being very true. Let’s take a moment to reflect- have you weathered storms in your life? Have you come out of the hurricane filled with wisdom, clarity, and understanding? This is what I call “life gold.” Wisdom is treasure. We will face trials. We will face terror. The best kept secret that should not be a secret at all is releasing judgement from feelings, allowing ourselves to feel all feelings, double check our mindset to see if what we are allowing to download is truly accurate, and honor the cognitive redirecting choice to shift our perception from the fearful “What if’s” to the adventerous and exciting “What ifs.” This mindset is always readily available for YOU.

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