• Alison Hord

Grab a cup of ACCEPTANCE and sip the sweet elixir of SURRENDER

The universe is constantly trying to get our attention. It shows off for us. It works tirelessly gifting us, whether we are conscious of this or not. We can tend to get wrapped up in what we think the universe owes us, and due to this, we miss out on the answers that are right in front of us. Making demands as to what we believe we deserve, we become disappointed and therefore we get lost. Panic sets in. Externally? “Im doing great! How are you?” The lies become truths we desperately want to connect to. As a result, we feel an immense resentment and disconnect from life and ourselves. One of the key ingredients that has literally placed me in the hands of the universal flow is a word that is used often, but not always put into practical application- “acceptance.” Acceptance? That’s it? Yes. We expect some calculated direction, but acceptance is truly IT. The reason it’s so hard to obtain acceptance is because it must be practiced. Practicing letting go. Using statements such as “it’s okay to not have things go my way. Something better is in the horizon.” When we stay open to the idea that things will not go completely as we plan or design, but could move in another powerful and awe-striking direction, life gets wildly colorful and beautiful. Pay attention to how you feed your mind, what you choose to download, and how it serves you for the better.

Here’s my recent experience with acceptance and letting go of this false sense of control (that I have control over outcomes):

I was doing a David Elliot (my teacher and healer in Los, Angeles California) entity release meditation and at one point of the meditation, he suggested at a certain point our ancestors could possibly be connecting to us in this space as a source of guidance and support- and my friends, that’s exactly what happened. I opened my eyes and my male 7 month old kitten, Boda, was next to me, calmly, on my right side. Doing the work to cleanse, clear, heal, and feel grants us complete access to pure magic. Acceptance of outcomes and acceptance of self allows an abundance of miracles to disintegrate all disbelief(s), all that painfully was, all of the fearful “what if’s”, etc. Boda’s sweet and soft presence was a powerful reminder that I’m safe, protected, seen, and provided for. In that moment, I sunk into safety in a way I haven’t in quite some time. This experience was so powerful that I felt safe enough to transition comfortably into a state of acceptance. I’m grateful for the commitment to reconnecting with healing on a deep level- even if it takes absolutely painful circumstances for all of us to get back there. From desperation is born inspiration. And this supports us in feeling safe to surrender!

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