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•Circumstantial & Generational wounds are not our identity•

Updated: May 11, 2019

You go throughout your life and have a basic and rooted understanding of yourself- fun, playful, loving, creative, passionate, eccentric, giving, helpful, intuitive, safe- this is the essence of who I am, my identity- the truest representation of me . Mistakes are not our identity. It’s our responsibility to be accountable for them and take corrective measures with where we’ve stumbled, but it is not our job to take those mistakes on as our identity. This has been a teacher/healer life offered me from the very beginning, and I believe, from the moment I took my very first breath. It’s a great responsibility to take accountability for remaining true to our identity and exercising practices that help keep us grounded in those. I have found, though, it’s easy to remain in the toxic, paralyzed, high-alert, damaged, state of being- we think it creates safety, but it is truly a false sense of safety. As babies, we start off by breathing through the belly, representing a sense of safety and security- unscathed and pure. Then, life happens. Our breathing becomes restricted in our stomach and rises to the heart. Shallow breathing takes form and even moments of holding the breath. Your teacher disciplines you in front of the class. Embarrassment sets in. A deep sense of shame encompasses you and you freeze. Anxiety breeds in your heart. The basic understanding you have of yourself slowly fades away and becomes a faint background in a false identity we create for ourselves along the way. Negative thinking becomes quick and easy, as we start to adopt this internal dialogue. No effort or hard work is put forth with negative self talk- and that is why it’s easier to connect to. The problem is this- as we have mastered the art of adopting these negative self beliefs, spiritual homesickness increases, a deep hunger for identity sets in, and as a result, we feel completely lost in this world.

For me, A lot of my beliefs about myself have been formed through internalizing other peoples projections, however, I believe I was born carrying generations and generations worth of shame, guilt, and deep seeded anger. It’s our greatest privileged and responsibility to rewrite the story, connect to our internal compass, stay passionately committed to healing techniques that assist in extracting and mending these deeply buried wounds, practice commitment to self-care (mentally, emotionally, physically, and for some, even spirituality).

One of my favorite emotional detoxes has been Breathwork. Breathwork partnered with other cleanses such as Reiki or eating for clearing, have brought about a fast track healing I could have never imagined stumbling upon. I believe everyone could benefit from this practice. The key ingredient to beginning your journey with clearing out the toxic waste from circumstantial and generation wounds would be one of the most powerful words- COMMITMENT. Redefining commitment- to ourselves, and in turn, to each other.

Start every day with clearing your space around you. I used wild white sage to assist in eliminating any lingering uninvited energies around the space. You can feel such a difference after gifting your space with sage. Allow for time after to ground down and take some time to process. I would highly suggest not having a time crunch. I love to use essential oils in my personal and professional practice- lately, clove has been one of my favorites to work with for clearing and cleansing the solar plexus and heart energy centers.

This particular breath technique will act as a vacuum, gifting you with life force and healing. It is a 2 part breath- in through the stomach, then pulling the breath up to the chest, and releasing through the mouth. Stomach, heart, and exhale. Feel into your body, even reconnect with yourself creating some safety for yourself as you’re breathing- “it’s safe for me to be in my body. It’s safe for me to have this experience. I am healing. I celebrate me.” This breath technique is all done through the mouth, which brings us back into the body and helps us gain awareness of our entire being. Stay with the active breath technique for 20 minutes. The breath will take you where you need to go. Enjoy a rich and powerful meditation as you return to regular breathing- in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Remember. This is a journey we are on. Multiple destinations along the way. There is never one ultimate destination. Which means we continue to walk. We continue to do the work. We continue to enjoy the beauty. We continue to celebrate all that was and all that is and all that will be. You are healing. .

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