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Heart Space Hunger

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Love creates healing and healing creates love.

Hey you- before we deep dive into the depths of that beautiful beating compass within, I want to give you permission to be gentle with yourself. Yes, it’s hard to release this revolving door of mental torment, but in this space, you have the ability to put the destructive mental bat down. The mind will do anything to interject in our healing process, and in turn, experiencing living in the heart. Give your brain permission to have a rest and imagine a pause button connected to all thoughts- all thoughts that do not serve you in this moment. We gently press pause and glide back into our bodies- giving yourself permission to stretch by giving yourself a hug- the beginning of this first heart feeding is understanding that you have all that you need with yourself. Intimacy= into me I see. Hold this embrace and start to connect with the breath. The more uncomfortable you are in this space, the more your being is craving for a nurturing and love that only you can grant.

The journey to the heart is a journey for a reason. Life’s twists and turns will affect us on a physical, emotional, and mental level which means it will be nearly impossible to effectively process these happenings efficiently along the way. So much to absorb, process, and take in! As we continue to grow, expand, become challenged, meet resistance, go numb, or try to run, it’s the heart requesting an energy feeding- it’s the heart saying it’s time to come home, time to declutter, time to cleanse, time to nurture. This may seem overwhelming as we all have an extensive story. Baby steps- refer back to being gentle with yourself. The healing journey is a continual one. We celebrate each healing victory as our greatest source of wisdom along the way and continue on the path of willingness no matter how terrifying or painful times may get. Life is our multifaceted teacher. From pains, from gains, we can say thank you for all of it.

Most recently, I experienced a guided meditation that prompted a significant release and connection that was deeply needed. I believe we don’t go certain places within ourselves until we are ready. How do we know we are ready? It will be presented in one form or another. Mine was in repeated reactions that grew intensely along the way until the heart ached loudly, “I can’t do this anymore.”

Anything I experience in this lifetime that’s helped me in a significant way will be important to share with my brothers and sisters near and far. It’s vital we share what has worked for us along the way in hopes we can continue to heal and rise. Join me through this guided meditation journey for a powerful, connecting, healing, restorative, experience- your entire being will say a very big thank you for it. This is an invitation to consciously choose to feel whatever arises and graceful release.

•Slow the breathing down• Simmer the pace of your breath. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

Root your feet and being in a comfortable space that calls you. Take a deep, centering, breath in- hold for a count of 8 heart beats representing the unlimited love you have within. When you’re ready to release with the promising balance of grace and passion, I want you to imagine the cemented edges of your heart start to dissolve back to their origin. Placing your left hand over your heart, there is this little being calling for help inside of your heart (this is younger you)- ask her/him what age they are and what has happened? Listen with intention, listen with abundant and undivided attention, with compassion, with openness, releasing judgment. Give them a platform to communicate how they feel. It’s safe to listen and it’s safe for them to be heard- HEALING requires FEELING.

Feeling the emotions and sadness for this little one is a gateway into allowing healing to take form, in turn, freedom from this imprisonment in the heart space. Take another deep breath in, exhale clearing space for a deeper state of compassion to arrive. Let them know they are safe now, they are going to be ok, that you’re not leaving, and if they allow for it, gently and mindfully wrap your arms around them in a secure breathable embrace that allows them to see, feel, and know what true protection (love) feels like. Waves of overwhelm may start to surface in the body, so I invite you to come back to your trusted guide during this heart opening/emotion release guided experience-THE BREATH. Let it support you both, guide you both, ground you both, and stabilize the environment in which you are exploring internally. Remaining in a supportive rhythm with the breath, you navigate to the center of your heart where the little you patiently waits.

THIS is a rescue mission. You tell them you are here now as you understand this is an inside mission, to clean, clear, feel, aid, and nourish those aspects that keep them trapped in unstoppable, repeating, devastating patterns that continue to be a revolving door. Now that you’re here together, Hope is born. Using the powerful sense of touch to add to communicate, you allow this beautiful inner child to explore- let them play with your hair, brush their hands gently over your face, sit in your lap, and explore their pure curiosities. What does it feel like to support the little you, taking the time to have them evaluate and express? How does it feel to give permission to your little being to connect with you? What does it feel like to support them in their pain? What would they be telling you they need?

Taking another supportive breath, I want to encourage you to tell your adult self the following- “it’s safe for me to protect and love them. I deserve to be a supportive mentor and safe place. I understand they were not given what they need and I’m ready to go back and take care of them they way they have always deserved.“ Giving your little inner you the opportunity again to speak, this time they express, “I’m so hungry. I’m starving for love- I want to be heard, to have a safe place to be heard, to have the opportunity to play, to be guided, to be held, to be seen, to be appreciated, to be celebrated, to be protected- I’m so hungry.” In this moment, take another deep breath. If feelings have surfaced, welcome them. Welcome all feelings as they are a part of being awake to all of life and it’s a true privilege to feel them to their entirety- every single one of them is a poetic response to your relationship with the worth within and around you. Allow yourself to think of ways you can support your little inner being in a rich feeding of love. You may find this means meeting them in your minds eye, racing with them into a huge pile of fall leaves, splashing them around in pure joy and delight- watching each leaf fall as a gift. You may find you both have this exchange of uncontrollable laughter due to making funny faces together. You may find it’s in a secure embrace as they let out a cry they’ve never had a witness experience before- and finally in this moment, they have it. As you’re finding ways to feed the hungry heart within, allow for belly breaths to begin. Deep belly breathing from the nose and out through the mouth. Find a synchronized rhythm with the breath and your little you. Finding a supportive landing in relief and a familiar flow as you dance together in your embrace, your laughter, and your breath.

Grounding back down by stretching the arms and legs, still staying connected to your oxygen flow, allow yourself to take moment to connect to gratitude. Gratitude for taking the time to connect to a deeply buried space within that needed your undivided attention. Giving thanks to the multiples of ways that we can continue on this healing path. Giving thanks to listening and not being afraid to go back to a time that left us shattered along the way.

There are so many ways to establish a connection with the heart. There is no one size fits all with each of us- there are multiple avenues to take when guiding us back home to hearts center. Giving ourselves time to cater to our wounds and take the time for ourselves to heal is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves in this lifetime. The above is an example of a way we can connect to a continual source of pain on a deeper level, nurture it and provide for it, without looking for external validation to solve this problem.

A few ways I love to feed the hungry heart:

TUNING IN- give your mind, body, and spirit your undivided attention. Without these, it will be hard to hear anything else. Be the observer or your thoughts and feelings. Slow down to allow for a pause. The reaction wants to interrupt the growth. The pause wants to allow for healing and processing. Healing will be found in the process. Checking in throughout the day- 1) How can I best love myself today? 2) How can I best love others today? 3) What action steps can I take to create love along my path today? Love is an action word 💚

THE BREATH- It is at our disposal and it is indispensable during our time here on earth. The many gifts we receive when consciously aware of our breath are BOUNTIFUL! Fresh oxygen creates rich soil within. This allows a space for all things to grow. As mentioned earlier, slowing down the breath allows us for the chance to take a pause and invite in reflection- we don’t have to have all of the answers right away. Fresh oxygen supports our mood, invites in stability and support, grounding, openness, awareness, calms the nervous system, allows for fresh perspective, and more. The breath will always disrupt distress. Allow yourself to stay connected to it. Reestablishing a connection to your breath may mean you end up reestablishing a deeper relationship with yourself. Allow yourself to feel the inhalation’s and exhalations rise and fall together like waves.

ALL THINGS GREEN- Green is the universal healing color. When I heal, I begin to experience this new found love within for myself and in turn others. Greens such as kale, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, celery, and cucumber are all heart opening edibles that support our bodies function, flooding us with love. Keeping plants in your home space to raise the vibration and having the responsibility to nurture these little life forces can be a powerful experience. Allowing yourself to see the beauty that surrounds you, that you’ve invited into your home, and experiencing the greatest gift of give and receive- give love to your home with a beautiful succulent and admire how it transforms the space with a pulsating, healing, energy. When retiring at night, placing both hands over the heart, start to imagine a warm green glow feeding your heart space- as if it were an infrared light specifically focusing on those emotional wounds that need mending. Imagining this warm green glow bringing you back to life, filling your heart with all that it needs to remain open.

ANIMALS- animals are one of the greatest teachers of all time. They teach us that unconditional love exists. This is something to be observed and can be practiced. If you don’t have any animals at home, connecting with your families pets, friends pets, or even at a shelter. Connecting to these sweet beings creates this new found hope each and every time we are greeted by their spirits- their sole purpose in this life? I’m under the belief it’s to give and receive unconditional love. This can be an extremely powerful mindfulness meditation that we can apply in our every day lives as humans- we have a lot to learn from the animals.

AFFIRM YOURSELF AND MANTRAS- Mantras are a spiritual (whatever you believe this word means to you) navigation system. They give us guidance, awareness, direction, and vision. They support us in staying passionately focused and on track. If we have had the ability to master the art of destructive thinking, imagine what we can do when we feed our minds and hearts an abundance of powerful phrases and “I am” statements that empower us. THIS is the ultimate sustenance.

BE GENTLE- How you talk to yourself is the most important exchange you will have in this lifetime. Each and every day is an opportunity to grow, explore, create, examine, forgive, humble ourselves, connect, and heal. The goal here is to not destroy the ego- we are human. The aim is to form a partnership with it- to call a truce. To nurture and pacify the disrupted energies within- allowing for soothing guidance and encouragement. If you find you’re being well beyond hard on yourself during various parts of the day, come back to feeding yourself the statement, “Be gentle.” Place the hands gently on the stomach area giving the body permission to release any tension that is disrupting flow. Connecting with the breath while connecting to your physical being is an instant heart opener.

These are just a few ways to jump start the heart and ground back down in your feelers. Giving time to your heart is one of the greatest feedings of them all. Give yourself some love for trusting in this guided and supported space while your did some deep exploring.

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