Traveling to the comfort of your home, I invite you to gather your closest family, friends, or loved ones, to share in the experience of group healing. The opportunity to experience the collective energy in this space is ABUNDANT. I am a firm believer that there is power in numbers. The ME is replaced with WE. This type of session can suggest we are never alone. Although we are on our own, unique, individual, missions, we all can come together in our similarities, sharing in support, creativity, wisdom, and love. Your group can discuss an intention prior to my arrival along with your own personal intentions we will set prior to the active breathing portion. We will then tap into a movement exercise to warm up with the gift of expression and proceed to lay down and fall into a guided meditation. Having our bodies relaxed and in tune, we will begin the active breathing portion and celebrate in what this experience will offer. Once we have put in the work, we will get a galactic reward found in meditation. I leave time at the end of my private group sessions to hold space for those who would like to shed light on their experience and process.

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